Anyone! We have zero limitations on who can buy from us or how much they can buy. 


We sell things like General Merchandise, Tools, HBA,
Furniture, Clothing, Sporting Goods, Appliances, and much more! 


Yes, we have secured contracts with top retailers all throughout the country to bring our customers quality merchandise.

When buying liquidation, most assume that products are broken or
returns. That can happen, but it is not always the case. We sell pallets and
truckloads of overstock, shelf pulls, returns, and new

The retailers we work with regularly are Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Costco Lowes, Walmart, and more!


Yes! Be sure to check hours of operation, but we always welcome buyers to come in the shop or utilize our website for buying if you cannot make it in.


Yes, we have shipping available. We ship either FTL (Full Truckload) or LTL (Less Than Load). When shipping, we will need your full address, location type, and phone number. A full truckload would mean you have the entire truck to yourself, and LTL is a shared truck and can be 1-10 pallets before becoming FTL. We will input your information including location and pallet dimensions into a software program which then gives us all the current rates. You select the one you like, pay, and book.


Yes, full 53’ truckloads can deliver to a residential/non-neighborhood address or storage unit as long as there is a dock for it to back into. You MUST provide your own forklift and pallet jack(s) for unloading. If you are a commercial building without a dock, you will need to have a forklift or pallet jack to aid in unloading the truck, which you must do on your own. The drivers will not assist. When an LTL is booked for residential, you will need a liftgate. These trucks will come with a liftgate if client requests one. LTL’s can go to either commercial or residential areas.


We bring in numerous trucks per week to our warehouses. If you are ever curious, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our representatives to ask about current and incoming stock.

All our products are sold as-is. This is standard in the liquidation industry. Once the product is out of the door or loaded onto your vehicle it is no longer ours, and you, as the customer, are taking full responsibility for the product. 


It is very rare for floor sale and auction pallets to come with a manifest. We encourage customers to look inside the pallets and download any UPC scanner to scan barcodes on the items to see pictures and current retail value. Pallets sold on truckloads do typically come with a manifest or breakdown of items on the truck.


No. To best serve our customers, we never go through our pallets or cherry-pick them. All items on our pallets are sold exactly as they were received from the retailer. We do not check or test them.


Yes, we offer 72 hours for pick up after purchasing your pallets. Anything past 72 hours will require a storage fee of $25/day per pallet and must be paid before we release your pallets.


We do not have to charge sales tax if you have a valid GA Department of Revenue ST-5 form or the multi-jurisdictional equivalent on file with us before or at the time of sale. NO EXCEPTIONS. Sorry, those aren’t our rules – that is what the GA DoR says. If you plan to purchase online, you can request tax exemption via the “My Account” page after logging in to the website.

We go live on our website for our Offer Up sales. Make sure you create an account and watch for the days we go live. Once you have won a pallet(s), you will be able to complete the purchase of your pallet(s) online. Our bidding process is simple and done in either $25 or $50 increments. We will announce the starting bid and tell you when you can start placing your bids. If you win a pallet and do not pay for it, you will be blocked and banned from all future Offer Up events.

Visit our events page to view upcoming events and read FAQs specifically about our Offer Up events.


We accept cash only at pickup.
No checks, cards, PayPal, or money transferring services.

Yes, we send out daily emails that include the trucks we currently have for sale. They are all first come first serve. Payment for truckloads is done via bank wire. All payment information will be included on your invoice. Customers buying truckloads will be required to sign a customer contract at the time of purchase. Full truckloads cannot go to residential addresses or storage units unless there is a dock. Customers will be responsible for unloading the truck and making sure they have all equipment to do so.

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