Welcome to the Live Offer Up Sale!

Our live events are currently held on our Facebook page. Visit the Facebook page.

Place an Offer

To place an offer on an available pallet, scroll to the Place an Offer section below. Enter your offer amount, select “Place Bid”, and confirm your offer. The winner will be the person with the highest offer amount when the timer ends.


To pay for your won pallets, view Won Offers in the My Offers section. Select the “Pay Now” link next to each pallet you have won. Complete the checkout process on the website within 48 hours of winning to secure your pallet. If your pallet is not secured within this time frame, the pallet will be relisted on the website.


If you have any questions about the sale, please review our FAQs or message us directly in the chat window. Chat will only be available during live events.

Place an Offer

Select “Refresh Pallets” if you’re not seeing the most recent pallets.  Use the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to scroll through available pallets.

My Offers

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